Iniate Vomit Clearing Now (Pictures, Beware)

Repulse. Thats kind of a strong word dont you think? What could possibly repulse people so much they get creepy crawlies on their skin?

Here are some things that dont bother me but would respulse others.

1) Blood….doesnt really scare me….unless its an exorbent amount. Then you might as well call 9-1-1 because Ill go into shock (if its my blood).

2) Wet hair in the drain…………if its your hair, I dont see the big issue. Now if it were black hair and you had blonde hair and you lived by yourself, Id call a preacher to get rid of the grudge living in your house.

3) Insects…………I love the wildlife. Now I dont persay love them crawling on me without my knowing….that’ll freak me out but give me a tarantula. I’ll cuddle with it.

4) Snakes…..just another one of God’s Creatures. They are friendlier than you think. And most times, innocent.

5) Vomit………that can be tricky. Now if someone vomited all over me…….I might vomit back all over them. Just saying.


So Im not too entirely repulsed out by alot of things. Some things that might bother me though…..

1) Chunky cheese or really anything textured like that. Its like eating maggots. Tapioca Pudding….bleghhhh

2) Body odor beyond the smell of saving. Please shower. Its important. End of story.

3) Pus oozing things. Please stop. Totally unneccesary.

4) People who cant eat correctly. That follows with people dripping and making a total mess. I worked Ice Cream retail……….oh my gosh. Never again will you get sprinkles and chocolate glazed.

5) Old people homes…..sorry, no disrespect. But I cant. That make me feel dizzy. The smell is overwhelming. And they are just sad.




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