The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

What would I grab in the event of a fire…………assuming all pets and people are safe?

1) My guitar. Its the soul to my life. I have 3 guitars but if I had to grab 1, itd be my knock off Martin or my red Washburn.

2) My box of memories. This box holds everything from love letters in middle school to college acceptance letters and much more. This box cannot be burned to ashes.

3) My Germany flag blanket. Although Im a huge USA fan of everything, Germany has a pretty legit mens soccer team. Plus, Im pretty much full German except for a few sprinkles of Irish, French and Cherokee.

4) My miniature giraffe. Its a paper one but its about 3 feet tall and looks like an exact replica of a girrafe. Its pretty intense. His name is Jerry-Lynn. Mom chose it……..

5) A duffle bag full of clothes that I would have had casually already packed. This would include hygenic stuff as well. In case of emergency bag is what I would call it 🙂




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