Left Behind

Things left behind in my imagined house fire….

1) My bed and comfy comforter.

2) Dreamcathcer above my bed…..doesnt actually work. Its pretty shitty actually.

3) My other two guitars….because I only grabbed one.

4) A bottle of water because my throat is probably dry from inhaling all of the ashes and smoke.

5) A towel so I can wrap it around my head unless a cute firefighter gave me his jacket.

6) The picture frames on my mantle.

7) My laptop but I only assumed it was in my car 🙂

8) Some books of my book shelf.

9) My NJROTC uniform hanging in my closet because that was my life.

10) Some of my rugby jerseys and soccer jerseys as well.

Is the next prompt going to be……..imagine your house NOT on fire?


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