Airport Stories

She was sitting there. Looking towards the Do Not Enter sign where the gate allowing passengers to exit was located. Glancing back and forth. Hand on her Nalgene Water Bottle. She was waiting. Waiting for someone. Light Red Hair. Possibly in her 30s. She was searching for a long lost face. Who could it be…..who could it be?…….not a boyfriend from the looks of it. She’s hugging at what appears to be her parents. Aged and old, they are chatting it up. Smaller family but they seem happy. Ready to get on their way. Heading to baggage claim.

Parents. Sitting in the back row. Waiting for a flight thats coming in at 10:05. The plane is a little late. Possibly coming from a snowed in area. It seems they are waiting for their son. Still glancing at the gate. Mumbling soft words to each other. Yes. Yes. But still no arrival of their wanted passenger……..well its more than what I though. Its an entire family they are waiting for. Grandkids running out of the terminal. Jumping into their grand parents arms. Members kissing members. Hugs and no tears. All smiles. Happy ending for this sweet couple.

Last but not least, 3 family members sitting behind me. Wanting to sit together and wanting to look like a family. Is that a portrayal they are trying to have or is it what they actually are. Not really sure who they are waiting for…..seems maybe its their son in the military or it might even be their daughter and sister……nope. An older lady. Not sure who it is. An aunt maybe? On the phone as she walks up. Hmm. Society now-a-days.

Im sitting here. Waiting for my twin sister. She’s flying in from TN. Recently getting out of rehab for maybe the 7th time. Not sure how its going to change. No longer living with the family and parents are bound to give up on her. She’s living with me now. Her flight comes in at 11:05 though. Its only 10:18. You’d be surprised at what airport stories you’ll come up with for people in the airport. If people saw me and her, they would assume we were either gay….not sure why. But we look nothing alike. We’re twins though. DNA screwed up royally this time. Tatted sister meeting her guidance counselor twin. Oh the stories.


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