In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Just a Dream.”

Nightmares. A constant battle that I constantly have. Nightmares. The terrors in the night that cause chaos and mayhem throughout the flow of my dreams. Nightmares. Where some things just never go away. Nightmares. Where reality repeats itself.

If I had 3 doors to choose from, they would all be locked. Thats how it would start. There wouldn’t be a door to open. But if there were a door to open, it would lead to another door and to another door and then to another door. My doors would be neverending. Thats how it would proceed.

Are we talking about a solution door though? An escape to paradise? Am I looking for something to save me? Yes. Maybe thats what you were talking about. My solution door… would end in my room. With the light barely making it to all 4 walls. It would have soft guitar music playing in the background. I would be under my covers. Sleeping peacefully because thats what I want. Peace. No dreams. No nightmares. No thoughts. No memories. Just the back of my eyelids. Because my solution would be calmness. The peaceful serenity. In most cases, I dont sleep at all.

My door would be normal. What most people have.


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