Things have been

….catastrophic. Magnificent. Down to earth. Chaos. I wish I could tell you the million little things that go through my head each day. I wish there was some point in time where I could realize that you just dont care anymore. Because when I win that softball game, you are the first person I want to tell. You are the first person I want to vent too. I look at my phone. Waiting to press the dial button. But I can never do it. I dont want to give in. I dont want to be the better person.

You were my best friend. Not just a significant other. People have always told me that your loved one will always be your best friend. I wish that wasn’t the case. I wish I had separated the two. Because when you separated from me, you took two people away. They wonder why Im so bitter. Why Im so angry. And the real reason…….is you.

My friends merely exist in this vast landscape we call society. Technology rules this age but words seem to be invisible to the naked eye. We fell in love with the concept of use waves instead of waving your hand. I mean, where do we all fit in. Whats our puzzle piece going to do when there is no niche to fill?

Where is everyone hiding?


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