Be a (wo)man. Rub some dirt in it.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Childhood Revisited.”

Not that I would go back. Going back would mean changing. Changing who I am. Correcting my mistakes. I wouldn’t go back to make anything different. But if I was to say what I would do differently, then yes. There are just a few things I would do differently.

Id make sure I stayed on top of all of my grades. I made decent grades of course but I would be one of those competitive students who strived to be at the top of the class. I would have studied a little harder. I would have played more sports and would have been more committed to a specialty. I would have been remembered at my high school; that is what I would do. I could have done better for myself during those years.

I only slightly wish my parents were more involved in my life. Divorce can do that to you. My dad wasn’t around very often. My mom was constantly working to support her 5 kids. I feel as if I had matured more and faster than the kids around me. This has changed my life for the better though. At only 23, I worked everyday through college and will have no debt after this month. I have a pretty amazing credit score for my age. My maturity has made me go farther in life but it has also diminished the fun times I would like to have more of. My life could have been more exciting. I also wish I had that familiar face in the crowd cheering me on in my varsity games and meets. But I didn’t have that.

My childhood was simple. There were no cell phones. You couldn’t get on the house phone because someone was using the router for the internet. We ate bread and butter for snacks. Riding our bikes was the most exciting part to my day. Creativity was something kids had back then. Now…kids are just jerks who use social media 24/7. Kids now don’t even know how to play ball or get dirty. Most of them would never hold a bug because they’d be too scared where kids my age let roly polies crawl around arms. I would not change this.

As I said though, I wouldn’t go back and do anything different. I learned from my mistakes and I am because of what has happened.


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