False hope

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blogger With a Cause.

Any cause? Thats a little hard to do? I mean. Theres a million. Trillion. Billion causes out there. You could literally have a cause for anything. Look at the Ice Bucket Challenge? I mean, how did that even start……and I think sometimes, people make it so easy! The job I work for now. Non-profit. This normal being just decided to build her own non-profit in the education section. Started at 15 people. And now she has over 50 colleges working for her with over 400 college advisors in high schools. I mean…..thats insane.

Finding the cure for cancer would be pretty great. Find the cure for Hepatitis C would be great as well. But it seems that no matter how much money they have put into those causes, nothing has changed yet. I feel like starting a cause….you have to be ready for failure at some point in time. There are soooooo many problems in the world. All of them as equally important to someone.

Id want to save the entire endangered species list. I’d want safe drinking water for kids in Africa. Id make sure the homeless had homes and hungry had food. Id ensure every foster kid had a great home. I mean, how do you solve those problems. Those are causes. Save a tree. Save a life. Save an animal.

I couldn’t just pick one. Id pick them all.


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