Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband, I wanted to start off by saying sorry for the things that will happen to us. Sorry for the fights about nothing. Sorry for ignoring you when I’m angry or scared. Sorry for walking away when I want to be alone. Sorry for slamming the door in your face when you yell at me. My body never liked conflict. My brain avoids it at all cost. And I’m sorry for always starting it and always needing to have the last word. You can understand that right? I want to apologize for my past. For the things I may say about my ex boyfriends. For comparing you to them. For wanting you to be something more. I’m really content with who you are so please be aware of that. Because the past will come back up. Sorry for bringing up the stupid things that we fight about. That’s my defense mechanism. I’m sorry for doing just that. I also wanted to say sorry for all the imperfections that I may have because I can clearly see all of them where you may only see just a few. I’m sorry for my flaws and my needing to be perfect. I’m sorry for always wanting to talk to you and always needing to vent to you about my family. Im sorry for the nights that I will cry on your shoulder or the nights you may have to hold my hair back when I’m sick. I’m sorry for having cold hands but knowing your warm hands will make them better. I’m sorry for my hair because it will constantly shed everywhere. I’m sorry for my cleaning habits and the need to clean something 100% when I start. I also want to apologize for the un-organization I may have…..most times, it will be organized to me in my own way. But I want to thank you for being there and supporting me through all of my trials and tribulations. I want to thank for the soft kisses that you may give me when my day couldn’t get any worse. Thank you for wanting to do the things I want to do even if I complain about doing the things you want to do. Thank you for letting me watch my animal shows and for listening to my constant barrage of music. Thank you for dealing with the foods that I eat and possibly the burnt dinners I may prepare for us on nights. I won’t forget when you hold back your laugh as I order Chinese food instead of cooking the perfect italian dish that was tragically horrible tasting. I understand that I will be a complicated mess and possibly even a heated mess. I will warn you in advance that I will have my bad days and my even worse days. I get giddy sometimes and I want to do childish things like play in the rain or sing in the shower. I’ll want to be with you constantly but I’ll always want you to give me my space. I’ll never want you to drive unless Im dog tired so I’ll apologize for falling asleep on the car rides across state. I look forward to our family vacations with our kids. I know we will have fights about money and politics. We might argue about spoiling our kids and grounding them when we don’t need too. Its possible we will even yell about the dog using the bathroom in the house. Just know that I would rather fight with you than laugh with another. That Id rather spend a 1000 days in a locked room with you than 1 day in paradise with another man. Once you capture my heart, it’ll be yours forever and I know my expectations will be high for you but in reality, you already meet every single one of them. The day you ask me to marry you will be the best day of my life. Following that will be when we have our first child and when we raise them together. I’ll think of you first thing in the morning by kissing you softly on your head and Ill only think of you before I lay my head down to sleep because you’ll be right next to me. I will never stop loving you. Even if you yell at me and slam the door only to come back seconds later to apologize. Ill remember the small things you do for me and I’ll put the flowers in the vase even as they wilt after 3 months of having them. You are the most important person in my life and my best friend. I can talk to you about anything and everything without ever feeling judged. I will support you in whatever you do….even if that means you are cheering for the Patriots while I cheer for the Panthers. Ill wear your white T-shirt to bed if that means you’ll lay next to me for the whole night. Ill hold your hand when your sick and Ill do your laundry while you watch TV. Ill text you during work just to see how your day is going and Ill be waiting for you as you walk through that door every day. And if we both have jobs, Ill know that we can support each other through each hard time. I cant wait to share our dream house together and eat meals together. I cant wait to have meaningless conversations with you at the dinner table because a million words could never be enough to bore me. I cant wait to grow old together and watch the world events unravel in our eyes. And when we get old, we will be wrinkly together and we will smell like old people together. We will wear ugly flannel shirts and granny panties. We will probably drive really slow and make the young snipper snappers angry at us. You’re the love of my life. Thank you for everything. Sincerely your future wife.


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