Perfect Anxiety

No one really knows. It’s kicking in. Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Night. It’s there. Everyday. Every hour. Don’t see it huh? Im desperately finding new ways to hide it. It’s a roller coaster. Sometimes I can control it. Other times I can’t.

Anxeity is something a lot of people have actually. Some people embrace it while others fear it. It makes me sick. Physically sick to my stomach. Control freaks have it the worst. Perfectionist also have it bad. Knowing you aren’t in control causes a sudden fear. Not knowing what will happen causes emotional distress. Deep down inside you know it’ll be okay. But if the voice in your head isn’t loud enough, anxiety takes over.

Everything turns dark. Your insides start to feel on fire. And everything is closing in. You can’t help but feel trapped in a box and it’s only getting smaller. That’s anxiety. Two steps forward only to be pushed 3 back.

Sometimes people just don’t understand.

I know what it’s like. But everyday I remain positive. I seize the day. Carpe Diam. Life is still bearable. Believing in yourself is one step closer to being happier.

Its okay to break down some days. We all need space sometimes.


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