Take me back the start. Where it all began. Id do it once over. Id do it different agian. I’d retrace my steps. I’d learn from heartbreak. I’d learn from my mistakes. My falling without wings would only be falling with wings. No one ever said it would be that easy. Have you ever been so close to something? So close you could feel it slipping away? Wanting it to slip away and to never be thought of again? Because you wanted all the pain to go away. You thought that it would just vanish if you didn’t have to see it anymore. When all of a sudden it comes rushing back to you. Flooding into every crack you tried filling with empty nothings.

This was my year to say I do. This was the year that Id have everything figured out. Flowers, bells and dresses. Only to come home to an empty apartment. Like a dog without a bone. Maybe even sitting in a corner booth. I remember when I first met you. I just had to stare for a minute or two. In our own little world. You had all of my attention. Just the right kind of crazy. Worn out jeans. Flannel shirts.

I dont even want to write about you anymore.


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