Hogwarts Express Please

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.”

Some are too old. Some are too young. But me. Im the perfect person to mention Harry Potter.

That was my thing! My Go To. I even made my own wand from a broken tree branch. Carved it out and even sanded it. Yes. I was that nerdy girl.

My choice of transportation would have to be the Hogwarts Express. I mean, all my friends would be there since we would all go to Hogwarts. We’d have that awesome CANDY cart come by. Id obviously be able to do magic which is just awesome in itself. And its a train in which you can sleep and gaze at the dreamy landscape. Uhhh whats not to love about that?!

But if that didn’t exist, Id have to take the Floo Powder….which is pretty much teleportation through chimneys. Also a HP reference.

Do dragons count? Cause Id own one of those? Or a Nimbus 2000????

Seriously. I don’t love Harry Potter that much.

Realistically. Id have to take my car. Planes are nice and all but they can crash. Bus…..worst idea in the whole world. But my car. That would be the solution.


3 thoughts on “Hogwarts Express Please

  1. Hi! Is your blog still going? I’m doing blogging 101 and for a task we had to write a blog based on a daily prompt, then read more blogs written on the same prompt, and comment on two of them. I like your post as it is different from the usual ones, interpreted in your own way, it is short and sweet and has nice images!

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