In with the new, out with the old.


I have to admit. 2015 was probably one of the more worse years of my life. It contained many obstacles and challenges I didn’t think I would ever have to encounter. I lost friends. Lost perspectives. Lost loves. Lost a lot of things.

This past year I have tried to remain as positive as possible for myself and for others. I’ve put numerous jobs on my belt to ensure I’m making the biggest impact I possibly can. I’m not here to say that I hated 2015 because it indeed was the Year of the Ram which is my animal. The ram or the Ox. I did have some upsides to this year. I met new friends and got to live among some new family members. I gained closer relationships with my fellow co-workers and have made many more friends. I’ve gained tons of perspective on many different lives and I’ve made impacts on other people’s lives.

This year I’ve met mature men and immature boys. I’ve lost love and I’ve gained it. This year I can say I’ve become more independent than I’ve ever been. I’ve also found my inner child.

As the year of the Fire-Monkey takes place, I look forward to all the laughter and humor coming my way. I know I will encounter many more challenges. In this year, I will have to find another job in place of the one I must live soon. I will be forced to make decisions that will challenge my mental and emotional status. This year will be full of decisions. This year will be life changing.

In 2016, I have many hopes.

  1. Find love and keep it.
  2. Bring my softball team further into the State Playoffs.
  3. Bring more of my swim team into Regionals and States.
  4. Finish my Masters with Honors  and walk across the stage in California.
  5. Obtain a steady job and hopefully stay where I am now.
  6. Learn to be more patient with myself and more accepting of others.
  7. Learn Ukulele and become more passionate in guitar.
  8. Be more open to the outside world.
  9. Laugh. A lot. And smile more.
  10. Be more healthy. Mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Here’s to high hopes with 2016 and to forgetting all the bad in 2015.

This is where my journey begins.


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