Mostly me. 

I love me most when…..

  1. I’m genuinely smiling 
  2. Laughing until I cry 
  3. my face isn’t in BRF mode 
  4. I’m with nature 
  5. I’m care free 
  6. I’m truly in love 
  7. Life is easy
  8. I give my best effort 
  9. I stand up for myself 
  10. I’m truly happy

I dislike me most when….

  1. I’m thinking too much
  2. I’m stressing too much 
  3. Life’s too complicated to deal
  4. I overthink the small things 
  5. I rush through life 
  6. I don’t appreciate the small things 
  7. I’m overly pessimistic 
  8. I’m too lazy to move 
  9. I shut people out 
  10. I regret my decisions 

I love who I am but sometimes I am who I’m not. 

I can improve. I can overcome. 



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